Headington School 2016

«The Spark experience was superior to all my previous French and Spanish language school trips with KS3/4 students – much more personal and attentive.» – Louisa Orr – Spanish Teacher at Headington School

«Excellent communication in the run up to the trip. We have had a wonderful stay here, thank you so much for the organising you have put into this!» – Primrose Wood – Spanish Teacher at Headington School

«I found the bullring really interesting and the ferry ride was lovely with a great view.» – E.Roberts – Student at Headington School

«It was all amazing. I loved just going out and learning the history of all the castles etc. I learned a lot of new vocab that I didn’t know before and also learned a lot about the historic places.» F.Ali – Student at Headington School


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school trip to Spain blog post.

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